Brandikaran | ‘Times Newer Roman’ Typeface Makes You Look More Productive
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‘Times Newer Roman’ Typeface Makes You Look More Productive

‘Times Newer Roman’ Typeface Makes You Look More Productive Than You Really Are -

‘Times Newer Roman’ Typeface Makes You Look More Productive

Where was this typeface when you were slaving away at school projects?

Students have learned to “hack” the education system by enlarging margin sizes and resizing punctuation marks in their projects. New media company MSCHF has taken things further with a free typeface called ‘Times Newer Roman’ that’s designed to fill out documents.

To the untrained eye, it’s looking at the classic ‘Times New Roman’, but the initiated would know that each character in the remixed version is five-percent to 10-percent wider.

MSCHF pointed out that while it would require about 6,680 words to fill out a 15-page, single-spaced document that’s set in ‘Times New Roman’ font size 12, you’ll only need 5,833 words to accomplish just as much with ‘Times Newer Roman’.

“A word savings of 13-percent!” the firm flaunted.

For those who have long graduated, you’ll probably find more value in the added readability of the typeface, since the rounder and wider characters would translate more legibly on mobile interfaces. Download it for free here.

Screenshot via Times Newer Roman

Click to view enlarged version
Click to view enlarged version. Screenshot via Times Newer Roman

[via Mashable, screenshots via Times Newer Roman]

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