Brandikaran | Photoshop’s Redesigned ‘Content-Aware Fill’ Realistically Removes
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Photoshop’s Redesigned ‘Content-Aware Fill’ Realistically Removes

Photoshop’s Redesigned ‘Content-Aware Fill’ Realistically Removes Any Object -

Photoshop’s Redesigned ‘Content-Aware Fill’ Realistically Removes

The ‘Content-Aware FIll’ tool is evidently one of Adobe Photoshop’s most powerful features. In spite of this, images aren’t always blended correctly the first time around.

They often end up looking like the image below, which sees part of a horse’s leg cast on a field.


At long last, Adobe announced a revamped ‘Content-Aware Fill’ on Monday that ensures more accuracy in wiping out objects via a brand new menu of settings in Photoshop CC.

The new right-hand menu lets you choose which parts of an image to sample and place into a lassoed area. If you’d like to exclude the horse, simply remove it from the tool’s consideration with a couple of rough brush strokes. Thanks to Photoshop’s AI, you need not be too specific with the “tracing” of the horse.

The updated ‘Content-Aware Fill’ feature will also include mirror and rotate options to ensure certain gaps are properly filled. For instance, a butterfly’s missing wing can be replicated through the mirror setting.

To top it all off, a fill can be turned into a new layer so it won’t destroy your past edits.

Have a sneak preview of the new ‘Content-Aware Fill’ tool, which has been demonstrated by Photoshop Product Manager Meredith Payne Stotzner. Adobe hasn’t revealed when the update will roll out, however.

[via Adobe Photoshop and TechCrunch]

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