Brandikaran | MAD Magazine Unveils Its First Logo Redesign In 63 Years
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MAD Magazine Unveils Its First Logo Redesign In 63 Years


MAD Magazine Unveils Its First Logo Redesign In 63 Years

Satirical magazine MAD is back on wack with a new logo design—a modern reprisal on its first-ever lettermark from 1952, which was created by American cartoonist Harvey Kurtzman.

The serif design that most people are familiar with was introduced in 1955, and it remained relatively unchanged since.

“We felt it was time for a change,” executive editor Bill Morrison told Print Magazine. “[It was] the perfect opportunity to break some long-standing rules, take some chances and freshen things up.”

It took the MAD designers several months to decide on the perfect logomark, and despite undergoing several brainstorming sessions, it was the original Kurtzman version that always felt “right” to them.

In working on the revamp, MAD design director Doug Thomson traced Kurtzman’s logo over to Adobe Illustrator before tweaking it.

“His ‘M’ is completely crooked,” Thomson pointed out. “The center points don’t line up.”

To honor the original’s flaws, the team took the liberty of adding a few “anomalies” to the new version. “The hole in the ‘A’ is wider than it should be, the hole in the ‘D’ is too low. This is all on purpose (to make sense of that darn ‘M’), and I think it lends an oddness to the whole thing,” Thomson added.

The new design has no default color palette. Its creators would “get bored” looking at the same thing, so they built it for versatility.

It also comes in four variables: “a solid fill with contrasting stroke, no stroke, stroke and fill the same color and an outline only,” Thomson described, citing flexibility again.

View the new logo below. Do you enjoy the mad neat design?

[via Print Magazine, images via various sources]

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