Brandikaran | Severely Underwhelming US$507,600 Branding Unveiled By Ontario Cannabis Store
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Severely Underwhelming US$507,600 Branding Unveiled By Ontario Cannabis Store


Severely Underwhelming US$507,600 Branding Unveiled By Ontario Cannabis Store

On 9 March, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) announced its new branding for the ‘Ontario Cannabis Store’—Ontario’s cannabis agency that includes brick-and-mortar stores plus online channels.

The move is part of a national plan to legalize recreational cannabis starting summer 2018. Each province has to decide how they’d like to sell the product.

According to LCBO’s press release, the logo was “designed to convey a safe, simple and approachable environment for consumers, and agency employees, in a clear and easily understood manner.” reported that a statement by the LCBO places the approximate cost for the OCS branding at CA$650,000 (US$507,630).

The extremely stripped-down visual has garnered mixed responses from the public. While some criticized the design as rigorously lacking in creativity, others appreciated its simplicity, elaborating that Canada’s bootleg cannabis industry was in need of a facelift.

John Fowler, Founder and CEO of Supreme Cannabis, agrees with the latter and explained that the unembellished design was intentional. When compared to LCBO’s current logo, Fowler commented that perhaps five years down the road, Canadians could refer to OCS with the same brand recognition that the Liquor Control Board of Ontario receives.

Fowler added that the new look contrasts and differentiates itself from the contraband cannabis market, which is fronted by vibrant colors and poignant lettering.

Kamil Karamali


This is the new logo for Ontario’s cannabis agency… called.. um.. Ontario Cannabis Store.

Lacking a bit in the creative department, me thinks. 


Michael Stafford@Loogan640

After the overwhelming success of their incredibly creative $650,000 Ontario Cannabis Store logo design, the Wynne government has expanded into the party banner business.


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Brent Richter@BrentRichter

Oh no, design nerds are having a big tantrum about the Ontario Cannabis Store’s logo. But really, could it be any worse than what we tolerate now?


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