Brandikaran | For UI Design Rookies: Here’s How Not To Suck At Design
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For UI Design Rookies: Here’s How Not To Suck At Design

It seems as if there’s a never-ending list of rules for design. From typography to color theory and composition, it can be information overload for a designer who’s still learning the ropes.

Thankfully, you’re not alone—there are professionals who have learned things the hard way and have decided to offer a helping hand to budding designers. Marc Hemeon, the CEO and Founder of Design Inc., is one of them. He’s provided StartupGrind with a five-minute guide to encourage newbies who’ve been fazed by the ever-growing list of design rules.

Get started out by reading the pointers below. Check out the full article to learn more.

1. Use plenty of contrast.


Screenshot via Apple Developer

Your background and font color should be different enough not to make someone squint their eyes. Keep away from light greys, greens, and yellows. If you’re unsure, casting black text over a white background would be your safest bet.

2. However, “almost black” fonts are easier to read than black fonts.


Hemeon says, “If you have the choice, try using the color ‘#333333 RGB (51,51,51)’ instead of pure black for your text.” This is because pure black over white background “jiggles” for the eye.

3. Place the important content first.


Screenshot via Apple Developer

Important information should not require extra zooming, scrolling or tapping. Place it at the top to direct users to the primary content of your app or website.

4. Design your text for humans, not ants.


Image via Apple Developer

Increasing your font size will make your content more readable. Larger line spacing helps a great deal, too. Typography isn’t a straightforward topic, but this animated video effectively covers the foundations of the topic and ensures the fonts you use on your site or app will be legible.

5. Alignment is key.


Screenshot via Apple Developer

“Fixing alignment is one of the easiest improvements we can make to any app or website and instantly makes an app or website look 10 times better,” explains Hemeon. Watch this simple animated guide to learn more about alignment.

Check out the full guide here.

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