Brandikaran | Meroo Seth on Importance of Mixing the Right Colours
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Meroo Seth on Importance of Mixing the Right Colours

Colours can paint a good picture or spoil it altogether, literally. Graphic Designer, Meroo Seth, speaks about and elaborates upon her approach towards finding the essential colour combination in sync with the remaining elements of her work.

Meroo Seth -
Get Grubs Takeaway Bags.
Meroo Seth -
Get Grubs Packaging Design.
Meroo Seth -
Get Grubs Stationary design.

To connect is the calling.

Design plays a huge role in Meroo’s life; it’s a voice through which she finds expression. It not only makes her look at things differently but also manages to play with her opinions. Communicating complicated ideas simply; connecting with people, and making the world a beautiful place through appealing visuals is what spurs her. No doubt, she takes to an approach of fun, curiosity, happiness, and playfulness when working on her illustrations. She’s more than happy if her work can bring about a sense of delight in people, making them feel something good while solving problems as well.

Meroo Seth -

Finding your own palette.

Colour sense comes with experience and the trial-and-error of playing with different sets of colours. She has seen her own colour palettes changing and evolving with time. Conversations with friends and strangers; meeting new people, and being open to new experiences are like finding a new colour palette, to Meroo. The process of building an unusual bridge between different observations and associations triggers insights and inspiration within her. According to her, emotion is the most important factor to consider while creating balanced colour palettes. That is why she avoids overusing a colour, while, many-a-times, the colour itself inspires her to create the design.

Meroo Seth -
Making salad together.

Creating the balance.

Colour is a powerful and important communication tool and is tied to religious, cultural, political and social influences. So, it’s not enough for a designer to use a colour merely because one likes it.

Meroo Seth -
Alphabet G Mug.
Meroo Seth -
Alphabet M Mug.

Harmonising elements.

Meroo firmly trusts that everything and everyone supports and relies on one another and that it applies in the case of colours too. Each colour change relies on what the rest of the colours and elements are. The shades and tones can be played amongst each other to provide an appealing look while balancing the elements of the composition.

Meroo Seth -
Food posters.
Meroo Seth -
Eating Together.

At times, she isolates a colour to give it focus, so as to create a totally unique impact. Likewise, she also plays with light and shade to create an interesting mood. While choosing a colour palette, she comes up with a few keywords the palette should reflect when creating a mood board for a particular subject – for example, ‘happy, fun and bold’. Now, that’s sure to spread some smiles.

Meroo Seth -
Best Friends.
Meroo Seth -
Coffee cups for The Hangout Café.
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