Brandikaran | Creating Your Design Studio Right from Scratch
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Creating Your Design Studio Right from Scratch

Designer Prasun Mazumdar didn’t only want to make his name, but wanted to make it into a brand. Here, he takes us back in time to tell us how he created his design studio pmd, right from scratch

After working from a make-shift studio in his apartment for one year, in June, 2010, Prasun decided to expand. Without any second thoughts, he started evaluating his goal and visualising the work process involved. “You have to take the plunge.” he says, sitting on the other side of the table and thinking back.

One of the major decisions was to work out a logo and finalise a good name for the studio. The fact that his initials suffixed with ‘design’, made for an ambigram that was very exciting, it reaffirmed the decision about christening the studio as “pmd”.

Prasun Mazumdar studio -

“Everyone starts from scratch. No one is born with knowledge.” says Prasun. When he joined NIFT back in 2004, he knew a challenging path lay ahead of him. The broad roads of Delhi and fashionable friends at NIFT made him accustomed to exploring and absorbing the unknown; a characteristic of a good designer.

Prasun Mazumdar studio -

Once he was equipped with the foundation, he commenced a studio website and undertook small branding projects. “It’s even more difficult when you don’t have a portfolio, because the artworks you’ve got are those that were done while working for others.” reminisces Prasun.

Prasun Mazumdar studio -

However, great things came gradually. Call it luck or destiny, Prasun was lucky to get a call from Rajesh Pratap Singh to design posters and artworks for his forthcoming rock collection. The fire was started, now all that needed was a constant supply of wood. Thus, an office space was set up. This was important because waking up and getting ready for work brought discipline, which is key to success.

The first brand identity system project and contract for PMD came from Stellar Children’s Museum, where Prasun designed their logo, print and space. “I reached office with new glass tumblers and juice packets. Looking back now, I guess the meeting was my first big success. They loved the half done office space and my work.” Prasun smiles and says.

Prasun Mazumdar studio -
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