Brandikaran | Captivating Portraits Of Identical Twins Who, In Reality, Might Not Be So Alike
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Captivating Portraits Of Identical Twins Who, In Reality, Might Not Be So Alike


Captivating Portraits Of Identical Twins Who, In Reality, Might Not Be So Alike

For the past three years, Peter Zelewski has been capturing identical twins on the streets of London. Though originally from Detroit, the photographer moved to the city in the 80s, where a chance meeting with twin sisters Kira and Taya, shown directly below, sparked his fascination with capturing identical twins through the lens.

In an interview with Huck Magazine, Zelewski shared that there was something very unique about Kira and Taya, particularly with how they behaved during the photo shoot. He elaborated about their closeness and homogeneousness made them seem like one entity. “[I]t was fascinating,” recounts Zelewski. “Needless to say, I was hooked.”

Thus, his ongoing photo series ‘Alike But Not Alike’ was born. The collection, which comprises 40 pairs of twins thus far, is currently being exhibited at London’s Hoxton Hotel Gallery until 22 May.

These photos explore the likeness and unlikeness between the twins, and include excerpts from Zelewski’s conversations with the pairs, which shed more light on each duo’s respective bond.

Even though Zelewski might have been initially captivated mainly by physical appearance, he admits that over time, he found the subtle disparities to be equally intriguing.

For instance, 15-year-old brothers Duke and Joe, shown above in the main picture, are identical twins who “couldn’t be more different, both in their physical appearance and personalities.”

“By stripping down the background and photographing the boys in plain t-shirts, I was able to let their different personalities shine through,” Zelewski explains.

He explains that witnessing the bond between identical twins firsthand emphasizes what he never experienced with his non-twin older brother. “Perhaps this is why most people who grow up with no siblings or who have experienced sibling rivalry, like I did, finds the strong bond between identical twins so incredibly fascinating.”

See more photos from ‘Alike But Not Alike’ below, and follow Zelewski on Instagram and Twitter@PeterZelewski for regular updates on his work.

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