Brandikaran | 7 Logo Design Trends that will be Hot in 2018
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7 Logo Design Trends that will be Hot in 2018


7 Logo Design Trends that will be Hot in 2018

2017 has been a great year for design and has pleased us with bold, creative, fun trends.  With 2018 on the move, we’re taking a look at which logo design trends will rise to the top in the new year. Whether you want to ride the waves of popularity and build a social media friendly brand, or be punk and move in the opposite direction, this information will help inform your logo design choices in the year of the dog. Let’s face it, the design world is always changing. So should you.

1. Logos Based on a Context

Up until recently, quality logo design was defined by guidelines which existed in a mere hypothetical space. Unfortunately, this way of thinking never acknowledged the dynamic world in which logos are actually applied. In 2018, attention is being given to how posters, business cards, signs, advertisements and packaging can inform the design of a logo. In a nutshell, the quality of a logo is actually relative to the logo’s surroundings. Seems obvious? It is!

Contextual logo -
Contextual logo -
Simple “J” logo with a heavy weight to work well on ephemera, via Savvy.

2. Embodying Architecture and Space

While we’re on the subject of surroundings, you should also take note of architectural inspiration in logo design as the year unfolds. Physical space has always been important in branding – despite every Apple store existing in a different building and space, they all “feel” the same. Recently, logo designers are finding ways to bring that “feel” into the logo. That’s right, logos are not only capable of capturing the look of a physical place, but embodying the feelings and concepts behind it as well.

Architectural logo -
Logo based on architectural elements of hotel, via Fabio Ongarato.
Architectural logo -
Logo based on monolithic contemporary arts center in Melbourne, via Fabio Ongarato.
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